Our Housing with Care (HWC) schemes provide an innovative approach to meeting the housing and care needs of frail elderly people and those living with dementia.

We have 24-hour care staff onsite to attend to our residents’ needs.

Our Housing with Care teams do not provide onsite medical support and as such, all medical supports are linked via the primary health care centres within the vicinity of each care scheme. We work closely with public health nurses GP’s, community geriatricians, community intervention teams, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, Psychiatry of old age, community mental health, and advocacy services (Sage).

Our Housing with Care schemes for older people and those living with dementia provide a relaxing and friendly atmosphere where the residents can feel secure and cared for. Our schemes provide person cantered care and support to residents, whilst promoting a healthy lifestyle through social activities and daily exercises.

The overall aim of housing with care is to ensure it improves quality of life for older people by encouraging residents, to remain in control of their affairs, whilst maintaining their independence.

For those living with dementia we aim to prolong our residents’ cognitive and mental skills through a range of daily activities, which enable them to exercise their minds and bodies. This not only engages them but also provides an ideal opportunity for each resident to socialise.

Fold Housing understands that it is not only the person living with dementia that is affected by this condition; it’s their family and friends as well. We offer support as needed while the resident’s dementia progresses.

Anam Cara and Cherryfield work in partnership with the HSE who provide a financial contribution towards the care costs of our residents. Our care schemes are registered designated centres for the older people with the Health Information Quality Authority who carry out announced and unannounced inspections.