Fold Housing does not maintain its own waiting list. We take our nominations from the Local Authority in which the properties are located. Please register with the housing department at your Local Authority. When applying for housing tell them that you would be interested in a Fold tenancy.

If the Local Authority nominate you to Fold Housing, these are the next steps:

  • We will invite you for an interview, together with all adults who intend to live with you
  • We will meet with you and complete a form
  • We will decide which applicants will receive an offer of housing and agree this with the Local Authority

As we take all nominations from the Local Authority waiting list, you must satisfy the criteria for inclusion on their ‘housing list’. Contact your local authority for more information. Usually when assessing your housing need the Local Authority will consider:

  • Your household size;
  • Your income;
  • Your present accommodation;
  • The condition of that accommodation;
  • Any special circumstances, disability etc.
  • If you are an older person living in your own home but looking for more suitable sheltered accommodation, you might be eligible for housing under the Financial Contribution Scheme. Please contact your Local Authority to discuss this.

We provide a range of accommodation for rent: family housing, sheltered accommodation, over 55’s independent living and Housing with Care for older people and people who suffer with dementia.

We operate two different rent regimes.  The rent is determined by the funding source which supported the development of the scheme.

Economic Rent: This rent calculation is based on the property.   You will be advised of the rent as soon as an offer of accommodation is made by the Local Authority.

Differential Rent: This rent is calculated based on the household’s weekly income. This would be similar to how the Local Authority calculates their rents.

Where there are additional earners in the household, a portion of their income is also included for the purposes of rent calculation.
On some schemes, a service charge is payable in addition to the rent. You will be informed of the rent and service charges before you accept an offer of accommodation.

No. As a Housing Association we are currently obliged by legislation to keep our properties available for rental only. Fold Housing properties are therefore not for sale.

A Housing Association is part of the ‘social and voluntary sector’. It is a non-statutory housing body, usually non-profit making and with charitable status. A Housing Association is approved by the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government (DoE,HLG). All Housing Association housing projects are approved by the DoEHLG and the Local Authorities.

Housing Associations are specialist organisations that focus only on providing housing and support services and often employ highly qualified housing professionals to develop and manage their housing stock. Housing Associations are usually headed by a voluntary Board of Directors.

All of our housing schemes have a Housing and Maintenance team who are responsible for managing repairs, rents and other tenancy issues concerning residents and properties.

There are many similarities between the Local Authorities and Housing Associations:

  • Both provide housing to people with housing needs, for example families who cannot afford to buy their own home;
  • Wherever possible, both aim to provide long term housing with secure tenancies.
  • Both calculate their rents in a similar way, based on the household’s income.
  • For tenants the main difference is that Fold Housing tenants do not have the option of buying their home.