Help and Support 24 hours a day

Radius Connect 24 provide a range of telecare solutions to FOLD Housing’s tenants and residents who can access help and support 24 hours a day by linking them directly to a member of staff or by contacting Radius Connect 24’s 24 hour Response Centre. To find out more about Radius Connect 24’s telecare solutions click here.

Radius Connect 24 have been working with community & voluntary organisations throughout Ireland over the last 12 years providing 24 hour peace of mind & security to older people in their homes. For more information on the Senior’s Alert Scheme click here.


Lifeline Service

Our Lifeline Service is the simplest form of telecare. We will provide an alarm unit and portable personal pendant, linked via the ordinary telephone line to FOLD’s 24/7 Telecare monitoring centre. By pressing the pendant, an emergency call is placed through to a Radius Connect 24 Call Advisor who will offer immediate reassurance and support and arrange for whatever additional help is needed. For more information on the Lifeline Service click here.



Some Fold Housing developments also features the latest in smart technology from SmartZone, a Cork based company that specializes in wellness technology. The partnership between SmartZone and Fold Housing ensures that Abelard Square is Ireland’s smartest and safest social housing. Residents in the new build will have a suite of automated and monitored energy and wellness services controlled via an app on the smartphone. SmartZone’s technology allows the option of motion and connected health monitoring- allowing loved ones or carers to either communicate with the resident in real time or be notified of changes in their routine.

For more information on SmartZone please visit:


Peace of Mind

Radius Connect 24 works closely with Health and Social Care teams to help provide the appropriate care package to manage risks and support individuals at home. The service is ideal for vulnerable adults, older people, people at risks or falling or those suffering from Dementia. For more information on our services for Health and Social Care Teams click here.
If you would like more information of the telecare service please phone: 01 670 4114