Main Responsibilities

1       To assist in meeting the personal needs of residents.

2       To participate in the day-to-day activities of the Home.

3       To help promote resident participation in the life of the Home.

Summary of Duties

1       To be aware of the “package” of care which is tailored to meet the individual resident’s needs, both physically and mentally, and to react accordingly.

2       To give residents the option to participate in household duties, including meal preparation.

3       To assist those residents who require help with dressing, undressing, bathing and toileting.

4       To help residents with mobility difficulties, or other physical disabilities, including incontinence.  To help in the use and care of aids and other personal equipment.

5       To attend to those residents temporarily ill, who need personal care while confined to bed.

6       To help care for residents who are dying.

7       To make and change beds, tidy rooms, empty commodes.

8       To inspect, launder and mend residents’ clothing.

9       To set tables or trays, serve meals, feed residents who need help.

10     To answer emergency calls and the telephone, and welcome visitors.

11     To discuss with and encourage relatives to take part in the activities relating to both individual residents and the Home.

12     To assist in the facilitating of mental and physical activities in residents, by taking part in the activities and assisting in the organisation of nights out, trips etc.

13     To read and write reports, take part in staff and residents’ meetings and also in training activities.

14     To undertake other duties as designated by the Manager.

15      To ensure staff keep a safe environment around their work area, to report maintenance problems swiftly and to ensure their behaviour and actions do not endanger people or property.

FOLD has carried out a risk assessment into the duties performed by a Care Assistant and as such deems this post to be unsuitable for persons under the age of 18.

All FOLD employees have a personal responsibility to promote and to support measures designed to create a working environment that is free from harassment or discrimination on the grounds of religion, community background, gender, marital status or disability.

This Job Description may be amended to facilitate changes in the better organisation of FOLD’s activities and following consultation with the Job Holder.

FOLD operates a ‘No Smoking on the Premises Policy’


  • Information
  • Closing Date: 21/09/2021 12:00 am
  • Directorate: Care Services
  • Location: Cherryfields Housing with Care, Hartstown, Dublin 15 and Anam Cara Housing with Care, St Canices Road, Dublin 11
  • Reference: CAB.FH.0921
  • Hours: As and when required
  • Salary: €14.49